Financial Advisors considering working with a 3rd party recruiter

Choose wisely In our last blog, I explained why a financial advisor should use a 3rd party recruiting firm when considering changing broker dealers or RIAs.  Today I wanted to dive in a little bit deeper and explore how an advisor should interview a third-party recruiter to find the best one. Think about a client…

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Atria Wealth Solutions to be sold to LPL

The recent announcement that LPL inked a deal to purchase the seven broker dealers and 2,400 advisors at Atria Wealth Solutions sent shock waves through the industry.  The seven firms in the Atria network are Cadaret Grant, CUSO Financial/Sorrento Pacific, Grove Point, NEXT Financial, SCF Securities and Western International Securities.  While news of the sale…

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Financial advisors looking to make a change: Use a third-party recruiter

When our firm was established in 1988, there were no other third-party recruiters representing independence.  The “why” then, remains our “why” today, which is to consult with advisors interested in changing firms.  Fast forward 36 years, we still feel just as convinced that using a quality recruiting firm dramatically benefits an advisor’s process when exploring…

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What The Heck is an OSJ, Discussion Recap

I recently sat down with Tobias Salinger from Financial Planning Magazine to discuss a topic I talk about daily with advisors I consult with and that is, what is an OSJ?  I was grateful to discuss the pros and cons of an advisor tucking into an OSJ as I feel many firms don’t properly explain…

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Independent Broker-Dealer Cetera to buy Avantax

For the existing Avantax advisors, the good news is, this acquisition will bring no significant changes to their platform.  It has been reported that Avantax will remain a stand alone firm, they will keep NFS as their clearing firm and there will be no name change.  With so much consolidation happening in the marketplace, this…

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The recruiting market for Financial Advisors is as hot as ever!

The recruiting market for top advisors is more competitive than ever. Broker Dealers and RIAs focused on growth need to have a strong recruiting strategy in place or they will struggle to win business. The most successful firms are doing a number of things to recruit top advisors, including: In addition to these offerings, advisors…

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Independent Broker Dealer, Hybrid, RIA or Tuck-In?

The many structures of being an independent financial advisor I wrote a story for InvestmentNews back in March that broke down the different structures an independent advisor could choose. InvestmentNews Story While not much has changed since then, I still find this topic to be at the forefront of advisors minds. Advisors consistently ask me…

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Independent Broker Dealers rebranding their RIAs

Changes are as a result of industry demand for RIA options For years now, the financial services industry has been seeing a shift towards advisors doing more advisory business.  This swing has caused some advisors to explore a variety of independent structures including starting their own RIA or tucking in to an existing RIA.  In…

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Independent Broker Dealer Consolidation

National Planning Holdings sale of their independent broker dealers create mass movement When National Planning Holdings Network announced last year they were selling their four Independent broker dealers – National Planning Corp, Invest Financial Corp., Investment Centers of America Inc. and SII Investments to LPL Financial, it created measurable change for many of their approximately 3,200…

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