Why Use Cross-Search


“We help advisors find the environment that helps them do what they do best.”

—Jodie Papike, Executive Vice President, Cross-Search

Cross-Search is a family-run and -owned, relationship-based business whose success hinges on our clients’ trust in us and a solid reputation in the broker-dealer marketplace. We operate with high levels of integrity and ethical practice with each and every organization and advisor we speak with.

We have unmatched experience in the marketplace with more than 30 years solely focused on the independent broker-dealer space. You may feel your situation is unique, but chances are we have seen and worked with financial advisors in the same or similar situations. Using us as your consultants can result in your making a great career move as opposed to a costly, time-consuming mistake.

In working with Cross-Search, you’ll save yourself time and energy. We help you find the environment that helps you do what you do best and excel. You’ll have complete confidentiality until you tell us you’re ready to disclose your interest to firms. And our service costs you nothing.


Larry Papike discusses how Cross-Search helps find the right Broker Dealer for you.