Benefits of Going Independent


The Cross-Search Executive Team, 
L to R: Jodie Papike, Jesse Papike, Larry Papike and Justin Sladavic

Freedom and Flexibility

Imagine choosing where you want your office to be and when you want to be there, even working out of your house. No commute, no more sitting through meetings that don’t apply to you. You create your own schedule and control your own destiny. You also determine your goals and objectives, so you can work as much or as little as you like. Such is the life of the independent financial advisor.

Take Home More Income

Why spend one more day giving up so much income? In making the move to independence, you no longer have to. Instead of the 25-40% payouts that are standard at a wire house, bank or captive agency, you could be receiving a 75-90+% payout at an independent broker-dealer. You have the benefit of being an independent contractor, which puts even more money in your pocket because of the tax benefits.

Building an Annuity for Your Future

When you move to an independent firm, clients that move with you become yours and yours only. And if you ever leave an independent firm, you are free to take your clients with you. When you retire, your book of business becomes an annuity that you can sell. Some firms even have programs that assist you in determining the value of your book, match you with potential buyers, and help you strategize the best way to sell while minimizing disruption to client service.

Enhance Your Product Selection

With most independent broker-dealers, proprietary products are not “pushed” or even suggested. You have the freedom and flexibility to choose from numerous products that are truly in the best interest of your clients.

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