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Since our inception in 1989 our foundation has been set on honesty and integrity. We operate not as sales people, but as consultants knowing that all we really have is our reputation. We are a family owned business that bases our success on the happiness of the advisors we work with. If you are looking for a new Independent Broker Dealer to affiliate with, we can help. We understand because we have been in your shoes. We care because we are an accountable, family-run business. And we are effective because the only measure of our success is yours.


Choosing a broker dealer is a major decision for any advisor. It is a decision that warrants considerable time and understanding of the marketplace. Since 1989 we have been doing due diligence and research on every major Independent Broker Dealer and take pride in our ability to save time and increase accuracy in the process. Our clients leverage our experience in the Independent Broker Dealer landscape to find a firm that best suits their needs. The Independent Broker Dealer environment is complex and ever changing. Keeping up with broker dealers and understanding what they bring to the table is all we do.


Planning a broker dealer transition can be sensitive. The due-diligence process, timing and preparation are all steps in the process that are best performed in a strategic, confidential manner. We understand these steps because it’s all we do. Having helped thousands of advisors successfully navigate a move to an Independent Broker Dealer, we know how to get you the best possible outcome. We take our role in the process very seriously and know that confidentiality can make or break a successful transition. Our success is based on this understanding and the trust our clients have placed in us.

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Advisor Independence, What Does That Mean Anymore??

Welcome to Cross Search. I’m Jodie Papike. Today, there was an article published by Tobias Salinger in Financial Planning magazine that we happen to be quoted in that I thought was just an amazing read. It’s about advisor independence and what the term independence means in today’s financial services industry. We’ll put a link down…

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You’ve been termed now what

Jodie Papike (CEO of Cross-Search) discuss the best action to take for an advisor who just got termed from their Broker Dealer. Below is a transcript of the video. Welcome to Cross Search. I’m Jodie Papike. As I’ve mentioned before, the goal of these videos is to really help advisors for a lot of different…

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Stop Wasting Time

Welcome to Cross Search. I’m Jodie Papike. The goal of this blog has always been to be able to bring real-life situations that we experience with advisors that we’re working with to you, our audience. And today, I’d love to chat about what has come up over and over and over again with advisors, honestly,…

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Financial Advisors, Transitioning To A New Broker Dealer Is Easier Than It Used To Be!

Today, I wanted to chat a little bit about the transition process for financial advisors. And I wanted to give a little background on the transition process and what advisors can expect. And for advisors that haven’t transitioned in awhile, the bad news is that There are no more block transfers, haven’t been block transfers…

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Financial Advisors considering working with a 3rd party recruiter – Choose wisley

In our last video, we discussed why it’s so important for an advisor when they’re considering making a broker dealer or RIA change to find a really quality third-party recruiting firm to help them in. Today I wanted to dive in a little bit deeper and talk about how an advisor can interview a third-party…

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LPL Financial Acquiring Atria Wealth Solutions, 2,400 Advisors Impacted!

Welcome to Cross Search. I’m Jodie Papike. Yesterday, it was announced that LPL will be acquiring Atria Wealth Solutions. That consists of 2,400 advisors at seven broker dealers. And those seven firms are Cuso, Sorrento Pacific, Grove Point, Cadaret Grant, Next Financial, SCF Securities, and Western International. We have seen a tremendous amount of consolidation…

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Why Financial Advisors should Use A 3rd Party Recruiter When Changing Broker Dealers.

Why Financial Advisors should Use A 3rd Party Recruiter When Changing Broker Dealers. Jodie Papike from Cross-search.com discusses the importance of using a 3rd party recruiter if you are an advisor looking to change Broker Dealers or RIA’s. Below is a transcription of the video. Welcome to Cross search. I’m Jodie Papike. Today I want…

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Best Independent Broker Dealer

Best Independent Broker Dealer? There is no such thing…. I get asked all the time who the best broker dealers are. The truth is there is no way to answer that question without lots of context about the question itself. Trade publications try to label “the best” by ranking firms by their size. While size…

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Financial Advisor, Transitioning to a new BD or RIA

3 Crucial Steps to Avoiding a Disaster In the 2023 J.D. Power Financial Advisor satisfaction study, Craig Martin, executive managing director and head of wealth and lending intelligence at J.D. Power said “Right now, many advisors are starting to question whether their firm is committed to providing them with the support and resources they need…

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Independent Broker Dealer vs. RIA

Which option is right for you? The definition of Independence in the Financial Services industry has changed significantly over the years. Advisors are looking at what level of Independence suits them and their business best. While there is frequent discussion about advisors setting up their own RIA, that model is not suitable or advantageous for…

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Adam P.

Jodie is awesome. My practice is growing so I was trying to find the right Broker Dealer for my clients and me because my clients deserve the best experience I can give them. Jodie went to work and found me the best firm I could possibly have imagined. She did all the research, side-by-side comparisons, pros and cons and sometimes just let me vent. She was an encouraging voice on the other end of the line that was always there when I called. You earned that steak dinner Jodie. Thank you for everything. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Charles J.

Cross Search has helped me through two transitions to new Broker Dealers. Both times they found a perfect match for me. I would still be with the first firm had I not moved across country. When that happened, Cross Search quickly found firms that matched my personality and preferences, giving me the opportunity to choose from the best without having to sift through the rest.

Christopher J.

Cross Search was an absolute pleasure to work with. They managed to turn a potential disaster into an amazing success in an extremely efficient and professional manner. Their follow up and concern with results is magnificent. I would wholly endorse Cross Search for anyone interested in taking the next step in his or her career.

Gary S.

I can't speak highly enough of Jodie's work. I wasn't planning on needing a recruiter 5 years ago but events led me to her and the outcome was a miracle. She's on top of her game. Her network and knowledge of the brokerage industry are wide and deep. Her people skills are exceptional. If you are searching for a new BD, start your search with Jodie.

Lars R.

Thank you so much for all your effort, guidance, advice and most of all unwavering support. You came through for me in a big way.

Mindy M.

I can’t thank you enough. You have made a huge difference in my life. I will forever be grateful. My new broker dealer couldn’t have been a better fit!

Richard F.

Larry has been more influential on my career in the securities industry than any other person. Helping me thru several broker dealer transitions and most of all by being my always-there friend since 1982.

Frank A.

Jesse, things are going great!  I should have done it years ago.  I can't thank you enough for your help in finding me a new home, I am forever grateful! Thank you again.

The Latest From Our Blog

Financial advisor “independence”, what does it mean in the financial services industry today? 

A new article published by Tobias Salinger at Financial Planning magazine proves it means different things to different industry experts.  I’ve personally thought about the term “independence” quite a bit over the years.  Considering the fact that Cross-Search was founded to help advisors “go independent”, which meant they were leaving a wirehouse or regional firm…

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Stop wasting time talking to firms you’ll never join

When Cross Search was formed by my father in the late 80’s, the goal was to save financial advisors time and create efficiencies while searching for a new firm. Fast forward 35 years and our goals are still the same!   I often speak with advisors once they have explored a few firms on their own. The…

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Financial Advisors considering working with a 3rd party recruiter

Choose wisely In our last blog, I explained why a financial advisor should use a 3rd party recruiting firm when considering changing broker dealers or RIAs.  Today I wanted to dive in a little bit deeper and explore how an advisor should interview a third-party recruiter to find the best one. Think about a client…

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Atria Wealth Solutions to be sold to LPL

The recent announcement that LPL inked a deal to purchase the seven broker dealers and 2,400 advisors at Atria Wealth Solutions sent shock waves through the industry.  The seven firms in the Atria network are Cadaret Grant, CUSO Financial/Sorrento Pacific, Grove Point, NEXT Financial, SCF Securities and Western International Securities.  While news of the sale…

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Financial advisors looking to make a change: Use a third-party recruiter

When our firm was established in 1988, there were no other third-party recruiters representing independence.  The “why” then, remains our “why” today, which is to consult with advisors interested in changing firms.  Fast forward 36 years, we still feel just as convinced that using a quality recruiting firm dramatically benefits an advisor’s process when exploring…

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What The Heck is an OSJ, Discussion Recap

I recently sat down with Tobias Salinger from Financial Planning Magazine to discuss a topic I talk about daily with advisors I consult with and that is, what is an OSJ?  I was grateful to discuss the pros and cons of an advisor tucking into an OSJ as I feel many firms don’t properly explain…

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Independent Broker-Dealer Cetera to buy Avantax

For the existing Avantax advisors, the good news is, this acquisition will bring no significant changes to their platform.  It has been reported that Avantax will remain a stand alone firm, they will keep NFS as their clearing firm and there will be no name change.  With so much consolidation happening in the marketplace, this…

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The recruiting market for Financial Advisors is as hot as ever!

The recruiting market for top advisors is more competitive than ever. Broker Dealers and RIAs focused on growth need to have a strong recruiting strategy in place or they will struggle to win business. The most successful firms are doing a number of things to recruit top advisors, including: In addition to these offerings, advisors…

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Independent Broker Dealer, Hybrid, RIA or Tuck-In?

The many structures of being an independent financial advisor I wrote a story for InvestmentNews back in March that broke down the different structures an independent advisor could choose. InvestmentNews Story While not much has changed since then, I still find this topic to be at the forefront of advisors minds. Advisors consistently ask me…

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Independent Broker Dealers rebranding their RIAs

Changes are as a result of industry demand for RIA options For years now, the financial services industry has been seeing a shift towards advisors doing more advisory business.  This swing has caused some advisors to explore a variety of independent structures including starting their own RIA or tucking in to an existing RIA.  In…

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