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Can small to midsize Broker Dealers survive?

Can small to midsize Independent Broker Dealers survive in the environment we are in today?

The Independent Broker Dealer environment has become increasingly challenging. Consolidation is happening at a steady pace and advisors are taking notice.

There has been a lot of discussion surrounding whether small, under 150-advisor broker dealer to midsized, 150-500 advisor broker dealers can make it. It’s common for advisors and Industry executives to look to scale and excess net capital to try to determine if a firm is poised for long-term success. And while these two factors play a part in a broker dealer’s long-term success, there are two other factors that tell a bigger story.

1) Does the broker dealer have a lot of value added services and do they have a clear and consistent value proposition?
2) Does the broker dealer invest into technology that will attract advisors today and into the future?

There are plenty of quality broker dealers that are not only surviving, but are thriving.

Jodie Papike

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