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Independent Broker Dealer Consolidation

By Jodie Papike | Sep 11, 2014

How is Independent Broker Dealer Consolidation affecting advisors? Keeping up with the consolidation that has been taking place in the Independent Broker Dealer landscape over the past few years is literally like a full time job.  Broker Dealers have been selling, merging or going out of business at an incredibly fast rate.  It wasn’t until…

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Jodie Papike comments on Financial Telesis acquisition

By Jodie Papike | Aug 21, 2014

NFP Advisor Services, the brokerage unit of National Financial Partners Corp., has made hay in light of a recent deal announced between LPL Financial and Financial Telesis. NFP Advisor Services reported that it had wrapped up a recruiting spree over the past six to eight weeks in which it landed 53 advisers, the “vast majority” of which…

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Another Cross Search Success story!

By Jodie Papike | Aug 12, 2014

A $1.3B Financial Telesis Shop Switches B-Ds Filed on Wednesday, August 06, 2014 A $1.3-billion 401(k) plan advisor (KPA) team just aligned with Independent Financial Group. David Krasnow confirms that last month his Cleveland-based shop,Pension Advisors, switched broker-dealers from Financial Telesis, IFG. Krasnow had worked with FTI for seven years. Krasnow’s move comes as giant independent B-D LPL and…

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Questions to ask a broker dealer

By Jodie Papike | Jun 13, 2014

Can anyone know with 100% certainty that a partnership will be a perfect match or that it will last forever?  The obvious answer to this question is, no.  So how does an advisor choose a broker dealer, hoping promises will be kept and that change wont ruin the agreed upon partnership?  The best answer is,…

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Advisor Placement Firm Cross-Search Has Another Success Story

By Jodie Papike | Apr 3, 2014

Advisor Joins Girard Securities With Help From Advisor Placement Firm Cross-Search David S. Mowatt of Mowatt Financial has partnered with Independent Broker Dealer Girard Securities. Girard is a mid-sized firm recently honored as one of the top 10* Independent Broker-Dealer’s in the industry. When asked why they chose Girard, David replied, “With the help of…

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Broker Dealer Consolidation

By Jodie Papike | Mar 25, 2014

How will it affect you? Broker dealer consolidation is at an all-time high, and we expect six to eight more firms to be consumed by larger entities this year. If you are with a broker dealer that is being acquired, or that you expect might be acquired in the near future, you need to be…

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Prepping for a broker dealer change

By Jodie Papike | Feb 13, 2014

Broker Dealer Change tips For years regulators have been ramping up the pressure they put on broker dealers.  One area they have focused on significantly is in the recruitment of advisors and the due diligence a broker dealer does before they license someone with their firm. Consequently broker dealers are scrutinizing advisors they bring on…

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Independent Broker Dealer Recruiting

By Jodie Papike | Jan 27, 2014

In a recent InvestmentNews webinar Jodie Papike spoke about recruiting in 2014, what advisors are looking for in an Independent Broker Dealer relationship, and what is pushing advisors to switch Independent Broker Dealers. When asked what the most successful Independent Broker Dealers are doing to attract quality advisors Jodie Papike said- “As advisers have more…

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Not Your Father’s Broker Dealer

By Jodie Papike | Dec 16, 2013

Top Broker Dealers bringing more to the table My father and I often talk about the differences between the broker dealers of his generation and of today. As part of the second generation of our family broker dealer recruiting business, I have seen more changes in the broker dealer landscape over the past few years…

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